A Faire of the Heart

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Greg Louganis

 Greg Louganis &

Johnny Chaillot




Dr. Dale Prokupek

 A Faire of the Heart 2015 was an amazing success and a terrific party.  Special thanks to our donors, sponsors, and supporters who were generous to our programs.  The event honored Dr. Dale Prokupek, ModernHEALTH, Brenda Goodman, Johnny Chaillot and Greg Louganis for their professional and personal accomplishments.  Gregory and Lawrence Zarian served as our Masters of Ceremony and guided the presentations with humor and grace.  Thea Austin closed the evening with her chart-topping hits that put our 200 guests in a dancing mood.

Event Committee

Brenda Goodman, Co-chair
David Ferrante, Esq., Co-chair
Denis Cagna & Carlos Medina
Tracey Cumberland
Dr. David Hardy & Barry Goldblatt
Linda Nolton
Brian Schield, Esq. & Bryan Hollingshead
Woody Sides
Warren & Kathy Wimmer