HIV AIDS Action Summit

Posted on October 22, 2013 at 10:15 pm

IMG_9873Alliance for Housing and Healing was a leading partner at the 7th Annual HIV/AIDS Action Summit at City of Hope on October 22nd. This annual gathering of front line providers is open to the public and is a critical reminder that the fight is not over. While today’s doctors and scientists work for a cure, the next generation must take personal responsibility for prevention.

“This is a movement that is 30 years old, but is still as important today as it was 30 years ago because it’s a disease that’s completely preventable and people don’t focus on that piece because now they see people living longer and so they don’t understand the consequences are just as dire,” said Former Assemblyman Anthony J. Portantino who hosts the summit each year. “Although the advancements and drug treatments have gotten better, we still need to be on our A game with this.”
More than 400 students from San Gabriel Valley high schools attended the summit at City of Hope to hear the latest from leading researchers and visit with non-profit service providers including Alliance for Housing and Healing. At our information table, students learned that housing is healthcare. Thanks to Caroline McKiernan and Miguel Fernandez, the message included a few notable stats:
  • Housing increases compliance with medical treatment and leads to lower viral load levels and a decreased likelihood of transmitting the virus.
  • Housing assistance can reduce the risk of transmission to a partner by 96%.*
  • Housing stability for people with HIV has been shown to reduce emergency medical visits by 35% and hospitalizations by 57%.*
  • Each new HIV infection prevented through more stable housing saves countless life years and over $380,000 in lifetime medical costs. *
Terry Goddard, Executive Director of Alliance for Housing and Healing, met with students and presenters at the event including our key partners City of Hope, Planned Parenthood, and APLA. Following the uplifting morning, Terry said “An AIDS-free generation starts with the young activists that attended this important summit. They will spread the message of prevention and testing to their peers. Alliance for Housing and Healing is proud to join with our fellow service providers to support this effort to eradicate AIDS.”
To learn more about the HIV/AIDS Action Summit and stay tuned for next year’s event, connect with the facebook page.
*National AIDS Housing (2014). Retrieved online October 18, 2013 from