West Hollywood Aging in Place Program


➢ Be a Senior (55+ years of age or older)

➢ Have an income (or family unit combined income) that does not exceed $58,450

➢ Must be a resident of the City of West Hollywood the last thirty (30) days

The maximum financial amount given per calendar year is $1,000


Aging in Place Emergency Subsidy Rental Assistance Program

The Alliance for Housing & Healing
(323) 656-1107

The Alliance for Housing & Healing’s Aging in Place COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program provides financial assistance to West Hollywood renters, age 55+, who are unable to pay rent due to issues related to COVID-19 (illness, loss of employment, reduction on working hours, caring for a household member with COVID-19, etc.).  Renters can apply for assistance to cover 25% of their rent for one month up to $1,000, which will be paid directly to the management company/landlord. Up to 6 grants may be accessed based upon need and eligibility. Required documentation includes: 1. Utility bill, 2. Identification, 3. Documentation of COVID-19 impact, 4. Lease and landlord information, 5. Declaration of COVID-19-related financial distress hardship. Additional benefits may be available for those who are low-income and/or living with dependents.

For information on the program and to apply, please call (323) 656-1107 extension 214. Please leave your full name, date of birth and a call back number.