West Hollywood Aging in Place Program


➢ Be a Senior (55+ years of age or older)

➢ Have an income (or family unit combined income) that does not exceed $58,450

➢ Must be a resident of the City of West Hollywood the last thirty (30) days

The maximum financial amount given per calendar year is $1,000


  • Does the subsidy have to be paid to the landlord?

Yes, the subsidy must be paid directly to the landlord. This is to ensure payment is received and all you will need to do is send your portion of the rent, if any.

  • Is everyone entitled to the full $1,000 

The subsidy is currently only available to residents of West Hollywood. All eligible clients will be entitled to the full assistance.

  • Can the payments be made based on the applicants request? i.e. monthly , 3 payments, 1 payment?

Clients will be able to access the payments in whichever way they need it (monthly, quarterly, or yearly).



Referring providers and potential clients can reach out with questions regarding program eligibility or for more information

Please contact: Neal Owen 323.656.1107 ext. 210 or (nowen@alliancehh.org)