West Hollywood Memorial Walk

photo (35)What started as the West Hollywood Palms has become the West Hollywood Memorial Walk, a tribute to life and a promise to those lost to continue our commitment to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Developed in cooperation with the City of West Hollywood, these memorial plaques line the sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard from Fairfax Avenue to Doheny Drive. Not only do these plaques remind our community every day of our need to assist and find compassion for those who suffer from HIV/AIDS, but they enable a valuable community asset to act on that generosity and compassion in a healing way.

Every West Hollywood Memorial Walk Plaque donation is used to provide funding for the pivotal services Alliance for Housing and Healing provides to people living with HIV/AIDS. As Los Angeles County’s oldest and largest provider of financial assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS, AHH helps thousands of clients each year pay for rent, utilities, food, and pharmaceutical needs when they are threatened by homelessness and the financial crises a health condition often causes.

Loved ones eligible for a bronze plaque on the West Hollywood Memorial Walk are those who have passed away and were HIV-positive. You can contact the AHH Development Department by emailing Brian Sharp: bsharp@alliancehh.org

Sponsoring a Memorial Plaque

Please help to continue our assistance to help people living with HIV/AIDS, and at the same time, memorialize those you have loved.

Individual Bronze Plaque

  • One honoree listed, 1-3 lines of text $1,750
  • One honoree listed, 4 lines of text $1,875
  • One honoree listed, 5 lines of text $2,000

Group Bronze Plaque

  • Per name for a 3-name plaque $750
  • Per name for a 4-name plaque $600
  • Per name for a 5-name plaque $500

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Policies and Procedures

Click to Read “L.A. Palms: Momento Mori” by City Councilman, John D’Amico:

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