Leadership Team

Terry Goddard II
Executive Director
Mr. Goddard has spent 26 years in HIV/AIDS care and management. In 2006, after 15 years at Aid For AIDS (four as Executive Director), Mr. Goddard became Executive Director at The Serra Project. Both organizations had long served disadvantaged People Living with HIV/AIDS- AFA with financial assistance, Serra with fixed housing. In 2009, AFA and Serra merged to create Alliance for Housing and Healing. Mr. Goddard is a member of the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV and the HOPWA Advisory Committee. In 2013 he received the Center for Nonprofit Management Leadership Impact Award in recognition of the successful merging of AFA and Serra. Education:  BA and MA degrees in Psychology from Humboldt State University.
tgoddard@alliancehh.org | ☎ 323-344-4899
Leigh Zweig MSW, LCSW
Chief Program Officer
Leigh joined Alliance in November 2016 as Chief Program Officer. He began working in the field of HIV/AIDS in 1994. For ten years prior to joining Alliance, he was Operations Director for AIDS housing provider Project New Hope. As an expert in the field of HIV/AIDS, Leigh served on the Housing Standards of Care Review Panel of the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV/AIDS and has presented at the National Association of Case Management Conference and the National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS. He currently serves on the CAL State LA School of Social Work Field Education Advisory Board and has served on the Business/Industrial Education Advisory Committee with the Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Adult and Career Education. Mr. Zweig is a Certified Clinical Supervisor with the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences. Education: BA in Social Work, LCSW from St. Louis University, MA in Social Work from University of Missouri.
✉ lzweig@alliancehh.org | ☎ 323-344-4867
Raul Pavia, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Beginning with The Serra Project, Mr. Pavia has worked at Alliance for Housing and Healing for 11 years. Prior to that, he managed the financial divisions for a wide range of organizations—including manufacturing and consumer products both in the U.S. and abroad and has a wealth of experience managing financial compliance with government contracts in the nonprofit sector. Mr. Pavia was recognized in 2014 for his outstanding financial stewardship at the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 7th Annual CFO Awards. Education: MBA from Columbia University
rpavia@alliancehh.org | ☎   323-344-4885
Jack Lorenz
Director of Development and Communications
Jack joined Alliance in 2016, overseeing all fundraising and communications activities at the agency. Immediately prior to his time at Alliance, Jack spent four years as Director of Programs and Development at Equality California. Working in the fields of immigration, social justice, health care, LGBT issues and now housing, Mr. Lorenz has spent 18 years in the non-profit sector. For 12 years, he was Executive Director of the Gatekeeper Foundation. Education: MA, Humanities. California State University, Northridge
✉ jlorenz@alliancehh.org | ☎  323-344-4880
Darién Acevedo
South Bay Regional Director of Housing Services
Darien joined Alliance for Housing and Healing in November 2016 and has 10 years of management experience in the fields of mental health and housing. Prior to working for Alliance, Darien spent 5 years as Program Supervisor for a children’s mental health facility in Brooklyn, NY and over 4 years as Permanent Housing Program Manager for Project New Hope, a non-profit housing provider for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. In her current position, Ms. Acevedo is responsible for the management and delivery of Housing Support Services in Los Angeles County Service Planning Area 8. Education: BA in Humanities from the University of Puerto Rico, MA in Drama Therapy from New York University.
dacevedo@alliancehh.org | ☎ 562-294-5500 ext.217
Maribel Ulloa
Metro West Regional Director of Housing Services
Beginning as a Case Manager with Aid for AIDS, Ms. Ulloa has spent 16 years with Alliance for Housing and Healing. Her duties include supervising, hiring, evaluating and training staff, and developing and implementing programs, budgets and related materials. Ms. Ulloa successfully accomplished Section-8 housing pilot project collaboration with the Housing Authority for the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) and the Los Angeles City Housing Department (LAHD) to integrate housing case management services. In 2012, acting as team leader, she was responsible for Alliance for Housing’s role as Los Angeles Project sponsor for the National HOPWA Getting to Work Employment Initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (OHH). In 2013, Ms. Ulloa was selected to participate in a five-month program at the Center for Nonprofit Management’s Nonprofit Leadership Development Program (NLDP). Education: BA in Sociology from CSUN.
mulloa@alliancehh.org | ☎  323-656-1107 x209
Image Coming SoonVeronica Garcia
Director of Permanent Supportive Housing

vgarcia@alliancehh.org | ☎  323-344-4861
Erin Donovan
Program Manager, Intensive Case Management Program
Erin joined the Alliance in 2014. She oversees delivery of intensive case management services to participants of DHS’s Housing for Health program. Prior to joining Alliance for Housing and Healing, Erin worked as a program coordinator at AIDS Action Committee in Boston, a non-profit organization serving HIV-positive, low-income individuals. She completed clinical internships with Deutsches Altenheim, German Centre for Extended Care and with PREP (Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis), a program sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and Harvard Medical School aiming to improve long-term outcomes for young adults struggling with psychosis. Erin received a Masters in Social Work from Simmons College; and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from Suffolk University.
edonovan@alliancehh.org | ☎ 323-344-4873
Vicki Freda
Director of Group Homes
Vicki joined the Alliance (at that time Aid for Aids) in 2001 as a Housing Specialist for the Long Beach Region. She has since then taken over management of all four of group homes, which provide 24/7 care to clients unable to live independently. Vicki oversees a staff of 32 CNA’s and managers who provide care to over 40 clients. Vicki has a background in property management, accounting and the Los Angeles County housing market.
vfreda@alliancehh.org | ☎  323-344-4890
Adam Rycroft
Associate Manager of Development and Communications
Adam joined the Development team July 2012 and has over a decade of experience working in nonprofit and government agencies. In his current position, Mr. Rycroft oversees individual donations, fundraising events, electronic and printed communication, as well as management and development of our client database. Education: BA in Classical Humanities from the George Washington University.
arycroft@alliancehh.org | ☎ 323-344-4897
Linda Forman
Grants Manager
Since assuming her current position in 2008, Ms. Forman has raised over $3M from foundations, corporations and other private sources in support of Alliance for Housing and Healing’s non-government-funded operations. A writer and editor for more than 30 years, she joined The Serra Project in 1998 as the Communications Coordinator. Education: MBA, Management in the Arts, from UCLA.
lforman@alliancehh.org | ☎ 323-344-4881

Staff Directory

Irene Amador, Receptionist | ☎ 323-344-4873
Diane Bolanos, IT Coordinator and Accounting Associate | ☎ 323-344-4887
Annie Diem Diep, Senior Accountant | ☎ 323-344-4886
Fnu "Rina" Oktarinah, Financial Analyst | ☎ 323-344-4882
Caroline McKiernan, Executive Assistant/Human Resources Coordinator | ☎ 323-344-4883
Fabiola De La Torre, Housing Manager | ☎ 323-344-3862
Michelle Demus, Supportive Services Coordinator | ☎ Direct: 323-344-4876
Antonio Jimenez, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ 323-344-4863
Regina Nungaray, Program Assistant | ☎ 323-344-4875
Manuel Perez, Lead Supportive Services Coordinator, CH Healthy Homes | ☎ 323-346-6110
Alma Ramos, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ 323-344-4875
Angel Rivera, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ 323-344-4879
Maria Walton, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ 323-376-7029
Ada Aleman, Program Assistant | ☎ 562-294-5500 x201
Yesenia Akers, Program Supervisor | ☎ 562-294-5500 x214
Kelly Bravo, Housing Specialist |☎ 562-294-5500 x206
Brittany Brumfield, Homeless Case Manager MSC |☎ 562-983-2088
Rebekah Huffman, Housing Specialist | ☎ 562-294-5500 x208
Lanika Manning, Case Manager | ☎ 562-294-5500 x203
Tony Mejia, Case Manager | ☎ 562-294-5500 x207
Norma Montes, Housing Specialist |☎ 562-294-5500 x210
David Sigala, Housing Specialist |☎ 562-294-5500 x209
Verenis Chavez, Housing Specialist | ☎ 323-656-1107 x210
Filandra Colby, Housing Specialist | ☎ 323-656-1107x206
Chere Daniels, Case Manager | ☎ 323-656-1107
Roxann Lainez, Programs Supervisor | ☎ 323-656-1107 x202
Antonio Reyes, Housing Specialist | ☎ 323-656-1107 x203
Ingrid Rivera, Housing Specialist | ☎ 323-656-1107 x207
Alejandra Cruz, Intensive Case Manager | ☎  323-344-4860
Gabriel De La Mora, Intensive Case Manager | ☎  323-344-4898
Aliza De Leon, Intensive Case Manager | ☎  323-344-4872
Brian Kincaid, Intensive Case Manager | ☎  323-344-4870
John Rezende-Shalom, Intensive Case Manager | ☎  323-344-4878
Jeffred Armas, HOPWA  CCA Senior Monitor | ☎  323-344-4891
Miguel Fernandez, Systems Integration Manager | ☎  323-344-4896
Ka'Daar Hazelton, HOPWA CCA Monitor | ☎  323-344-4892
Cesar Villa, TBRA/PSH Monitor | ☎  323-344-4874
• Ernestina Anaya, C.N.A., Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Margarita Banuelos, C.N.A., Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Ben Fitzwater, C.N.A./Activity Coordinator, Itinerant | ☎  562-595-4877
• Fabiola Garcia, C.N.A., Itinerant | ☎  323-342-0705
• Thania Garcia, C.N.A., Casa de Corazon | ☎  323-342-0705
• Elizabeth Gunnoe, Group Home Assistant Manager, Casa de Corazon | ☎  323-342-0705
• Maria Hernandez, C.N.A., Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Myesha Hickman, Group Home Manager, Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Donald Jones, C.N.A., Itinerant – Long Beach | ☎  562-951-3869
• Maria Juarez, Group Home Assistant Manager, Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Morena Lozano, C.N.A., Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-737-7661
• Yesenia Macias, C.N.A., Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Christina Mancilla, C.N.A., Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-342-0705
• Margarita Martinez, C.N.A., Casa Soldano
• Adela Martinez, Group Home Manager, Casa de Corazon | ☎ 562-951-3869
• Arcelia Martinez, R.N. Case Manager, Casa de Corazon and Casa Soldano | ☎ 562-595-4877
• Yessenia Martinez, C.N.A., Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Gladys Matos, C.N.A., Casa de Corazon | ☎  562-951-3869
• Kenechukwu Ndulue, C.N.A., Casa Soldano | ☎  562-951-3869
• Elia Paxtor, C.N.A., Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-737-7661
• Joaquin Quiroz, R.N. Case Manager, Casa Madona and Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-342-0705
• Dora Ramos, C.N.A., Casa de Corazon
• Maridel Rhaburn, C.N.A., Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-737-7661
• Zoila Rivera, C.N.A., Casa Soldano | ☎  562-595-4877
• Sokha Sea, Group Home Manager, Casa Soldano | ☎  562-595-4877
• Olga Segovia, C.N.A., Casa de Corazon | ☎  562-951-3869
• Sherry Small, C.N.A., Casa Soldano | ☎  562-595-4877
• Burna Stewart, C.N.A., Casa Soldano | ☎  562-595-4877
• Rocio Torres, C.N.A., Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-737-7661
• Talisha Tugwell, C.N.A., Casa Madona | ☎  323-342-0705
• Alonso Vargas, C.N.A., Casa de Corazon | ☎  562-951-3869
• Isabel Vargas, C.N.A., Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-737-7661
• Cindy Velis, Group Home Manager, Casa Los Angeles | ☎  323-737-7661
• Vivian Viscarra, Group Homes MSW | ☎  323-496-5258
• Frank Wilson, Assistant Group Home Manager, Casa Soldano | ☎  562-595-4877