Leadership Team

Terry Goddard II
Executive Director
Terry Goddard II, a member of the LAC Commission on HIV and the co-chair of its Housing Task Force, has over 26 years in housing services and management. After 15 years at Aid For AIDS he was tapped in 2006 to head up Serra Ancillary Care Corporation as its Executive Director. It was Mr. Goddard’s vision that first brought AFA and Serra together, identifying the core competencies in each that, on a shared basis, could strengthen the safety net for all persons living with HIV, increase the housing continuum of-care services and moreover be cost-effective. In 2009, after full endorsement from both boards, with no reduction in program personnel and at a cost savings of $282,743, AFA and Serra merged their highly complementary programs and funding streams into one organization. Since then, we have steadily diversified and expanded to become a sector leader in the “housing first” model of healthcare. In 2013 he received the Center for Nonprofit Management Leadership Impact Award in recognition of the successful merging of AFA and Serra. Terry has a BA and MA in Psychology and in 2017 he successfully completed the Health Care Executive Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.
✉ tgoddard@alliancehh.org | ☎ (323) 344-4899
Warren Guinane
Chief Financial Officer
Warren joined Alliance in March 2020 and is responsible for managing the financial operations, compliance and operational management at the agency. Mr. Guinane has spent over 33 years in Commercial Banking beginning with Allied Irish Bank, JP Morgan Chase and most recently, in the role of Regional Manager of the Higher Education and Not-For Profit practice at Wells Fargo. He has significant experience with Not-For Profits having served on a number of Boards including Santa Marta Hospital Foundation, Loyola Marymount University Business Advisory Council and Incarnation Church and Parish Finance Council, Glendale. He has served as Chair of the Cardinal’s Awards Committee and in 2017 was President of the Society of the Friendly Sons in Los Angeles. Education: MBA from DePaul University, Chicago.
✉ wguinane@alliancehh.org | ☎  (323) 344-4885
Christina Mancilla
Director of Group Homes
Christina joined Alliance in 2012. She served as the Director of Group Homes prior to her current role as Director of Emergency Housing. Christina’s passion to assist clients in transitioning back into independent living and maintaining a better quality of life has been an asset to our group home and emergency housing programs.
✉ cmancilla@alliancehh.org | ☎  (562) 247-7303
Yesenia Akers
Regional Director, South Bay Housing Services
Beginning as a Program Assistant with Aid for AIDS, Yesenia has spent 10 years with Alliance for Housing and Healing, of which 7 years were in direct service with clients. As the former South Bay Program Supervisor, she assisted with the recruitment and training of staff for the South Bay Regional Office which opened in 2017. In her current position, Yesenia is responsible for the overall management of the South Bay Regional Office by identifying and evaluating the housing needs of the people served, managing the housing providers, and overseeing programmatic procedures. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Counseling and Interviewing from California State University, Northridge.
✉ yakers@alliancehh.org | ☎ (562) 247-7286
Gabriel De La Mora
Program Manager, DHS Intensive Case Management Program
Gabriel joined the Alliance in 2012 as a Housing Specialist. He currently oversees delivery of intensive case management services to participants of DHS’s Housing for Health program. Prior to joining Alliance for Housing and Healing Gabriel worked with at risk youth in the East Los Angeles and South Los Angeles areas through Boys and Girls Clubs and charter schools. He also worked with homeless youth in the Hollywood area at Covenant House California and was in charge of the emergency shelter program. Gabriel has a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Los Angeles in Sociology with a minor in Chicano Studies and an Associate of Arts from East Los Angeles College in Liberal Arts.
✉ gdelamora@alliancehh.org | ☎ (213) 201-1617
Ella Noflin
Program Manager, Intensive Case Management Program
Ella recently joined Alliance and oversees our program that provides direct care and services for clients who are chronically homeless with physical and mental disabilities Ella joins us from RE Daycare here in Los Angeles where she oversaw all programs and administration, prior to her time at RE, Ella was a housing specialist at SHARE in Culver City. She has been in the social service field since 2003 and has both a bachelors and master degree from the University of San Francisco.
✉ enoflin@alliancehh.org | ☎ (213) 201-1632
Adam Rycroft
Dynamic Solutions Manager
Adam joined the Development team in July 2012 and has over a decade of experience working in nonprofit and government agencies. Mr. Rycroft is a Certified Salesforce Administrator and oversees the organization’s client, operational, and donor databases. Education: BA in Classical Humanities from the George Washington University.
✉ arycroft@alliancehh.org | ☎ (213) 201-1603 
Caroline McKiernan
Human Resources Manager
Beginning at Alliance for Housing and Healing as an Executive Assistant/Human Resources Coordinator in 2010, Caroline has spent 9 years with Alliance for Housing and Healing. Previous to her employment with Alliance, she worked in the field of for profit low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) syndication and development in administrative positions, in human resources, and in due diligence coordination. In her current position as the Human Resources Manager, Caroline sources new talent, on boards employees, implements benefits, coordinates leaves of absences, and ensures effective employee relations. Education: Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in English Literature and a certificate in Human Resources Management from UCLA Extension.
✉ cmckiernan@alliancehh.org | ☎ (323) 344-4883
Michelle Camacho
Metro West Regional Director of Housing Services
Beginning at Alliance for Housing and Healing as a Program Supervisor in the Metro West Regional Office in 2019, Michelle has spent 7 years in the social service field. Previous to her employment with Alliance, she worked in the various non-profit agencies providing community health education, behavioral health services and HOPWA housing support services. In her current position as the Metro West Regional Director of Housing Services, Michelle provides leadership and direction within the region to ensure that organizational standards and policies are maintained and followed throughout Housing Support Service teams and the various subcontractors. Michelle is passionate about community involvement and helping others Education: Master of Public Health degree from California State University of Northridge.
✉ mcamacho@alliancehh.org | ☎ (213) 201-1666

Staff Directory

Irene Amador, Receptionist | ☎ (213) 201-1606
Diane Bolanos, IT Coordinator and Accounting Associate | ☎ (213) 201-1601
Tacarra Logan, Executive Assistant | ☎ (213) 201-1607
Monica Rios, Data Specialist | ☎ (213) 201-1602

Tabithia Banando, Housing Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1610
Tiffany Heard, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1622
Antonio Jimenez, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1624
Maria Lassiter, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1627
Natalie Marquez, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1628
Tanisha Minor, Program Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1629
Calishia Mitchell, Maintenance Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1630
Regina Nungaray, Program Assistant | ☎ (213) 201-1635
Alma Ramos, Supportive Service Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1636
Ada Aleman, Program Assistant | ☎ (562) 247-7287
Yesenia Akers, South Bay Regional Director of Housing Services | ☎ (562) 247-7286
Brittany Brumfield, Case Manager |☎ (562) 247-7289
Kimishia Campbell, Housing Specialist |☎ (562) 247-7290
Eduardo De Arcos, Housing Specialist |☎ (562) 247-7291
Elizabeth Gunnoe, Housing Specialist |☎ (562) 247-7293
Ka;Daar Hazelton, Housing Locator |☎ (562) 247-7294
Arcelia Morales, Housing Specialist |☎ (562) 247-7296
Norma Montes, Housing Specialist |☎ (562) 247-7295
Angie Rubio, Housing Specialist | ☎ (562) 247-7297/a>
David Sigala, Housing Specialist |☎ (562) 247-7298

Michelle Camacho, Program Supervisor | ☎ (213) 201-1651
Linda Cifuentes, Housing Specialist | ☎ (213) 201-1653
Maricor Lopez, Housing Locator | ☎ (213) 201-1655
Rosey Martinez, Housing Specialist | ☎ (213) 201-1656
Neal Owen, Housing Specialist | ☎ (213) 201-1657
• Maya Peters, Housing Specialist | ☎ (213) 201-1658
Ingrid Rivera, Housing Specialist | ☎ (213) 201-1659

Tom Wukawitz, Program Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1661

Jessica Carrete, Intensive Case Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1611
Alejandra Cruz, Intensive Case Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1614
Aliza De Leon, Intensive Case Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1618
Erin Donovan, Clinical Supervisor | ☎ (213) 201-1619/a>
Edgar Guevara, Intensive Case Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1620
Chris Murillo, Intensive Case Manager | ☎ (213) 201-1631
Tracey Nolen, Intensive Case Manager | ☎ 
Cynthia Corral, TBRA/PSH Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1612
Cesar Villa, TBRA/PSH Coordinator | ☎ (213) 201-1626

• Yesenia Macias, C.N.A. | ☎ 323-342-0705
• Christina Mancilla, Director of Group Homes| ☎ (562) 247-7303
• Natasha McClinton, C.N.A., Casa Soldano | ☎ 562-595-4877
• Maya Peters, M.S.W. | ☎ (213) 201-1658
• Elizabeth Reyes, C.N.A. | ☎ 323-342-0705
• Isabel Sandoval, C.N.A. | ☎ 323-737-7661
• Sokha Sea, Group Home Manager, Casa Soldano | ☎ (562) 247-7310
• Sherry Small, C.N.A., Casa Soldano | ☎ 562-595-4877
• Burna Stewart, C.N.A., Casa Soldano | ☎ 562-595-4877
• Alonso Vargas, C.N.A. | ☎ 562-951-3869
• Frank Wilson, Assistant Group Home Manager, Casa Soldano | ☎ (562) 247-7313